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Unification theory
by an undulatory movement

 HT introduces a constant in mathematics

From a continuous uniform motion to a quantified dynamic movement
F= m*a + m*AkPi (| Q1Q2|)

By using the constant [], HT allows to introduce a new dimension in mathematics, where the real numbers can be considered as a projection of their values in two dimensions. This projection makes it possible to visualize the waves, energies and forces that make up the universe. HT also offers a new interpretation of quantum physics, which provides a better understanding of quantum phenomena such as uncertainty, superposition, entanglement and non-locality. The wave approach to quantum physics proposed by HT makes it possible to visualize these phenomena in termsof wave motions, fields and forces. In sum, HT offers a powerful conceptual framework for explaining how the universe works at both quantum and macroscopic scales. This unified theory makes it possible to link the different fields of physics, cosmology and philosophy by proposing a coherent vision of our world.

The universe is an island of space-time (Higgs field) on an ocean of probabilities (information field)

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